What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Professionals in Orange County, CA?

Planning for your next service or procedure at UCI Health can be a daunting task, but understanding your potential out-of-pocket costs is key. With the price estimation tool, you can search among 300 services and procedures to identify and calculate the potential cost of your care. Surprisingly, the benefits often cost two, three, four, and even eight times as much. According to the UBA, governments have the most expensive health plans in every sector and in every part of the country.

Joe Henehan of The Henehan Co. said it could also be due to the age of the insured; older people cost more and traditional plans allow people to go to the doctor they want. The Southern California Water Supply District is the state's largest groundwater agency and provides relatively cheap water to 43 cities and 4 million people. Records suggest that the district's generosity contributes to these high bills.

Across the country, workers contribute one-third of their health care premiums, according to UBA data. In California, government workers pay an average of 23.3 percent; however, the Southern California Water Supply District does not ask workers to pay anything. Unused funds are transferred for three years and then returned to the district. Anaheim spokesperson Mike Lyster said his city, like employers across the country, is seeing the impacts of high health care costs.

Fullerton City Manager Ken Domer warns that the numbers depend on many factors: how many employees have spouses and children to insure, what types of plans are offered, and how much of the workload workers are asked to take on. Like the Water Supply District, many agencies bear the full cost of health care for their workers. Fullerton asks workers to contribute a percentage. When Domer left a position as deputy city manager in Placentia to fill one in Huntington Beach, his salary went up, but his net salary fell because Surf City required workers to work harder.

Transparent California also tried to reduce the window for employees who worked most of the year, including only positions where the worker's annual salary was 90 percent of the minimum wage for that position. Editor Jason Henry contributed to this report. In conclusion, buying health insurance in California can be a complex process but there are plenty of options available that can fit your needs and budget. To enroll in an ACA health plan outside of open enrollment period you'll need to qualify for a special enrollment period.

Enrolling in an ACA-compliant plan through Covered California health insurance exchange generally gives you one of longest health care enrollment periods in United States.