Professional Development Programs for Professionals in Orange County, CA

Are you looking for professional development programs in Orange County, CA? As an expert in the field of professional development, I can tell you that OneOC provides a range of training, seminars, webinars, and networking opportunities for nonprofit organization staff and volunteers. Our quality learning and development experiences are designed to increase knowledge and improve skills, while also offering employer-specific job skills training in a classroom or in-person setting. This is expected to lead to employment. The UpSkill OC program is a United Way Orange County initiative that helps OC residents who have recently become homeless or are facing housing insecurity.

This program provides a path to sustainable employment in mid-level careers, particularly in the IT and health sectors. Our goal is to make Orange County a safe, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play. Data shows that entry-level employment doesn't pay enough for an individual or family to have a single-family home. As midlevel job offers increase in Orange County, employers are facing the challenge of finding qualified candidates. UpSkill OC focuses on two of Orange County's most important job sectors - healthcare and information technology - to bridge the gap between the number of job offers and the number of people who are ready to fill those positions. While participating in an approved educational program, the program can pay for child care, transportation, and some other expenses needed to help you attend school.

However, it cannot pay tuition fees.